Conference Contributors Program

Through the CAPCA Conference Contributors Program, groups and/or individuals are encouraged to support the association with monetary gifts. These contributions help to subsidize the expenses associated with the activities of CAPCA. These activities include our twice-a-year conferences, which provide formal programming through presentations and panel discussions by recognized experts and professionals.

Our membership consists of approximately 600 individuals who represent local, state, and national air pollution regulatory agencies; a wide variety of industry, industry trade associations, environmental consulting and testing firms; equipment manufacturers; and related special interest groups. The membership is actively involved in identifying problems and sharing solutions.

Overall Conference Contributors

Contributors in this category will receive recognition in the program for the Spring Conference, will be included on the contributors board at the conference, will be listed on the slides shown throughout the conference, will be listed on the webpage for the conference and will be listed in the attendee booklet for the conference.

Payment must be received by February 3, 2017, to ensure you appear as a Contributor in printed materials for the Spring Conference.

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