2017 Fall Technical Workshop and Forum

The CAPCA Technical Workshop and Forum is designed for engineers, plant managers, regulatory personnel, consultants, lawyers, industrial and manufacturing personnel, project managers, business executives or any other persons who face environmental issues, environmental compliance, regulations, etc.

Key Topics

Call for Abstracts

A New Initiative for the 2017 Fall Technical Workshop and Forum

In addition to Survey Results and the Program Meeting held each conference to solicit input from membership for future topics, CAPCA is inviting attendees to submit Abstracts for topics for the fall meeting. CAPCA is initiating this new mechanism to generate all possible ideas consistent to CAPCA’s purpose of providing educational resources and opportunities in the area of air pollution control and related matters for promoting, encouraging, improving, advancing, and strengthening the cause of clean air.

If interested, please keep the Abstract between 150 and 250 words and submit to capca.abstracts@gmail.com by June 1, 2017.

Note that CAPCA reserves the right to select or not select an Abstract and that submitting an Abstract does not guarantee a speaking slot. Speakers and topics are determined by the CAPCA Program Committee.

Thank you for your interest!


For more information and to view contribution opportunities for the 2017 Fall Technical Workshop and Forum, click here.